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The CityDeck

The CityDeck - Plan Elements
The CityDeck extends four city blocks, approximately one-quarter mile on Green Bay’s east bank between Main and Walnut Streets. The project is designed as an active urban boardwalk directly along the river’s edge, with a series of boat landing, transient docks, fishing piers, and overlooks that offer direct physical and visual access to the river. These activities are reinforced by pedestrian pathways, a continuation of the Fox River Trail, lawns, groves, and gathering spaces on the upland.

Shops and restaurants will line the Upland area. Areas where visitors can be out/over/down to the river are available throughout The CityDeck. Areas of The CityDeck extend 50 feet over the water.

The actual decking is built of ipê wood (pronounced ee pay), which is a dense, heavy, durable wood and is guaranteed to last 25-50 years. It was chosen over conventional decking material because of its resistance to rotting thereby reducing potential danger and expensive repairs.

The CityDeck is expected to entertain such activities as small concerts on piers, larger concerts with band on a barge, school performances (show choirs, band concerts, etc.), water related shows such as ski shows, kayak demonstrations, parade of lights, fishing competitions, water related promotions such as boat shows, outboard motor shows, fishing equipment shows, children activities such as library story times, Children’s Museum functions and more.

The CityDeck is an invitation for entertainment. The four platforms are designed for gathering of friends, family and social groups. Each may be rented for an event through the city Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department.

The CityDeck is open for year round activities. The boat docks will be pulled each fall and replaced each spring for summer boating activities. The docks located nearest to the Walnut Street bridge will be privately owned and maintained.

The CityDeck has free WIFI brought by the City of Green Bay in cooperation with CellCom. Bring your laptop on your lunch hour and browse the Internet!

Overview of the CityDeck