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Quick Facts

The CityDeck will run for four city blocks, from Walnut Street to Main Street, and will have four platforms that extend up to 50 feet over the Fox River.

The CityDeck will contain 660 feet of boat docking space.

Estimated total project cost: $12 million, generated through public and private financing.

$498 million in tourism came into Brown County in 2006, up four percent from 2005

The project has received all necessary governmental permits and approvals.

The City of Green Bay Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department will manage The CityDeck.

More than 10,000 people work in the downtown area (Chamber of Commerce, 2007).

Other new development underway in the immediate downtown vicinity includes a new Children’s Museum, remodeled major hotel, new condominiums and apartments, and office buildings.

The stage area will seat up to 500 people

Site work has begun and construction is slated to begin in 2008, taking approximately three years to complete

In the past three years, downtown Green Bay has seen more than $65 million in new development.

The City Deck is intended as a year-round destination

Summer night
Winter night ♠♠snowy night