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Why do we need The CityDeck?
Downtown Green Bay is experiencing a significant revitalization as the region moves from one where the Fox River supports transportation and industry to one where the Fox River creates a pleasing atmosphere and quality of life. A signature focal point for the region such as this will attract a creative workforce, expand economic development, increase tourism, and grow a deeper sense of community as people enjoy the gathering place.

How will The CityDeck be financed?
Collaborative public/private financing will support the project. State and federal dollars, along with Tax Increment Financing funds, will provide as much as 70 percent of the total amount with financial gifts from the community making up the rest.

How large will The CityDeck be?
Running four full city clocks on the east shore of the Fox River from Walnut Street to Main Street. The CityDeck will look much like a park plaza, with four platforms at different heights that will extend up to 50 feet over the Fox River, providing outlooks as well as direct access to the water.

Why isn’t The CityDeck financed by the City of Green Bay? After all, it’s a city park.
The City of Green Bay is spearheading this project by providing precious waterfront land, devoting significant staff resources to designing and managing the project, securing the necessary state and federal funding, setting up TIF financing, securing all contracts, and leading the capital campaign. Once complete, The CityDeck will be owned by the City of Green Bay and managed by its Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department.

What has been done so far?
Regulatory approvals have been obtained, including from the Army Corps of Engineers, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and the City of Green Bay Common Council. Site preparation is underway and phased construction will begin in 2008.

When would The CityDeck be complete?
Many new building are going up along that part of the waterfront, including offices, the Children’s Museum, condominiums, and more. Site preparation work will be completed in 2007, construction will begin in 2008 and completion is expected in 2010.

Can I rent a platform for my event?
Yes, the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department will be taking reservations upon completion.