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1876 Birdseye
1867 Birdseye view of the area between the present Main St bridge and Walnut St bridge. In this photo the Walnut St bridge is showing. The Main St bridge has not yet been built.

Notice how the river is used for transportation with docking facilities all along the river.

1893 Birdseye
In this 1893 birdseye, we now have two bridges across the Fox River, Walnut at the top and Main at the bottom. The railroads have arrived to both Green Bay (on the left) and Fort Howard (on the right). The river has become less important for transportation. Notice less docking facilities along this area.
This is taken in the 50's between Main St, (to the left) and Walnut St (not shown at the bottom right). The riverfront here is used for parking cars and not much more.
May 12, 1989
By the late 80's development crowded to the river's edge with valuable land being used as parking lots.
May 13, 1989
This is another shot of the same area in the 80's. Both these photos were taken in spring of 1989.