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The CityDeck

Upland at Pine Street area
The Upland is a 50-60 foot wide swath of City-owned land between the existing bulkhead line and adjacent properties. It is directly connected via paved walkways and plazas to Cherry and Pine Streets and Adm. Flatley Court, and will be connected via steps, ramps, and sidewalks to the Main and Walnut Street bridges.

A primary feature of the Upland is a 15-foot wide continuous wooden boardwalk at the edge of the river, directly along the bulkhead line. It offers direct access all along the riverfront for boaters, fishermen, and other recreation enthusiasts, as well as for families, workers, and visitors to simply watch and participate in river life.

Upland at Cherry Street area
The gangways, boat docking, overlooks, and fishing piers all connect directly to the boardwalk. The boardwalk links to the regional trail when it passes beneath the Walnut Street bridge and is designed to accommodate walkers, runners, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The remaining portion of the Upland is designed to reinforce riverfront recreational opportunities and to help create a public destination at the edge of the Fox River. It is articulated as a combination of lawns, groves, and plazas that offer direct access to and views of the river and river activity. Some areas closest to the adjacent buildings and future development projects will form raised terraces for publicly accessible cafes and seating areas.
Upland at Flatley area

The total area of the Upland is 84,645 square feet.