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Walnut Street Platform
Walnut Street Fishing Platform
This unique area offers a spectacular view over the river from a street height. It overlooks the river at a distance of 35 feet from the shore and encompasses 1,900 square feet. It can hold 24 people casually and 100 for a performance. From this point you can cast your line into the river for that prize fish or just watch the river traffic. This platform is prefect for a small party of any kind. It is within close walking distance to the Meyer Theatre, making it a perfect place for a before the performance party.

Walnut Street Platform looking Northeast It includes 142 linear feet of potential fishing area at its perimeter, and its location in the shadow of the Walnut Street Bridge hopes to capitalize on the fact that more fish may be gathering in the shadier stretches of the river. It also exceeds the required quantity as dictated by the ADA Act for accessible fishing locations. This area connects to the pedestrian path from beneath the Walnut Street Bridge.
Walnut Street Platform looking southeast
Put your name on this area beginning at $500,000.