Year 1910

Historic Preservation Commission
Responsible for safeguarding the City's historic and cultural heritage, and the development of public support and the location and identification of historic structures and historic distrricts. The Commission consists of seven members including one Council member. Members serve a three year term.

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2003 Award Recipients

Brown County Courthouse

Brown County Courthouse
100 South Jefferson Street

Built:   1908; 1910; 1922
Style:   Beaux Arts
Architect:        C.E. Bell
Architecturally Significant
Excellent example of Beaux Arts style architecture which has been restored to its original splendor, replete with copper dome roof. Noted politicians have used the backdrop of the Court House for their Green Bay speeches, including President William Howard Taft in 1911, and Senator Robert LaFollete. 

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Note:   Listed as Record #2070 on the Wisconsin Architecture & History Inventory

Christ Episcopal Church

427-429 Cherry Street
Christ Episcopal Church

Built:   1899
Style:   Gothic Revival
Architecturally Significant
Cruciform plan church with square plan tower to on the southwest corner. This excellent Gothic Revival example is faced with cut stone and features painted-arch windows and doors. The main entrance consists of a single pointed arch stained glass window with four large lancet windows topped by three quatrefoil windows. The interior of the church is largely in original and excellent condition with simple plaster walls and wooden cathedral ceiling supported by massive beams.

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Note:   Listed as Record #30018 on the Wisconsin Architecture & History Inventory.
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Meyer Theatre

117 South Washington Street
Listed on the Wisconsin State Register & National Register – 24 March 2000
Fox Theatre/ Meyer Theatre
Built: 1930
Style: Art Deco
Architect: Designer – L.P. Larsen; Immel Construction Co.
Constructed for vaudeville and films, the former Fox Theater has a stone façade with decorated incised cornice and a chevron & ray design. The bays are topped with a green cast stone parapet with horizontal banding. The windows each have a tall inset brick panel with fluted cast stone surrounds. After the Fox’s bankruptcy in 1933, the theatre functioned as the Bay Theatre until 1998, with performers including Liberace, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong and Johnny Cash. A restoration beginning in 1998 culminated with the opening of the building as a triplex theater renamed the Meyer Theater. The current interior is defined as Spanish Atmospheric, with textured plaster, gold leaf columns, and statues; the ceiling was restored as a painted midnight blue sky with modern fiber optic lighting giving the effect of stars.

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Note:   Listed as Record #5611 on the Wisconsin Architecture & History Inventory.

Riverside Ballroom

1560 Main Street
Riverside Ballroom

Built:   1936
Style:   Art Moderne
Architecturally and Socially Significant
Art Moderne ballroom featuring characteristic rounded surfaces showcasing a streamlined look. The facility is also noted in Green Bay for its list of performers, including Glenn Miller, Guy Lombardo, most notably the setting as one of the last venues where Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. Richardson "The Big Bopper" performed before their death from a plane crash in February 1959. A memorial statue to the performers was erected on the site on 07/17/03

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