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Hotel Northland - Bringing It Back To Life

Hotel Norhtland

Located in downtown Green Bay 304 North Adams Street.

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Location in Downtown Green Bay
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Hotel Northland

Letter From Mayor Schmitt

Located just two hours north of Milwaukee, the City of Green Bay is the third largest city in Wisconsin and is home of the World-Famous Green Bay Packers. The City of Green Bay has a population of 104,000 and a metropolitan population of nearly 200,000. As the largest city in Northeast Wisconsin, Green Bay is a center for cultural, retail, and commercial activity. It is also a gateway to recreational activities ranging from fi shing, hiking, snowmobiling, golfi ng, and skiing.

Constructed in 1923, the Northland Hotel quickly became the epicenter of Green Bay social life. On any given day it was common to see Packer legends, business executives, national politicians, and prominent community members enjoying a meal or simply partaking in the social atmosphere of the hotel lobby. It is our intention that this property will again become a signature building in our urban landscape.

The City is continuously seeking to generate new economic development within the downtown core. Development objectives taken by the City for this site in particular call for a mixed use project that would include a restored Northland Hotel, first floor convenience retail and restaurant space, and the possibility of residential units on two fl oors. However we believe the creativity of the marketplace will best determine the complementary uses for the hotel.

Th is is an exciting time for the City of Green Bay and our downtown. We are in the midst of an urban renaissance of our downtown; with new offi ce buildings, retail and entertainment development, multi-story residential complexes, a new children's museum, and a new multimillion dollar urban waterfront park called CityDeck, all within walking distance from the Northland Hotel. With the increase in new development and investment in the downtown, the Northland Hotel site is now poised to again play a key role in the city's downtown renaissance.

We appreciate your interest in the redevelopment of the Northland Hotel and hope that you will consider the possibility of submitting a development proposal and forming a partnership with the City of Green Bay and the property owner on this important project in our downtown.