USS Green Bay

USS Green Bay

USS Green BayThe Ship

The USS GREEN BAY has been described with the word “Expeditionary!” It’s more than just a word, it is a mind set…
a way of operating that has its roots in the birth of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps more than 225 years ago. It is the
foundation for the 21st century Global War on Terror, a forward presence, that can respond to a crisis worldwide, and fight a war to protect citizens, friends and vital interests wherever and whenever they might be at risk. It is the essence of Naval Operations from the sea—anytime, anywhere.

“It’s designed to move and deploy ground troops via sea and can also perform humanitarian missions. This includes extracting Americans from hostile areas and providing food, water and shelter during emergencies.”
Navy Commander Joe Olson, Commander of the USS Green Bay

The Spirit of Green Bay Committee invites you to set sail with us to make the commissioning of this amazing ship a once in a lifetime experience for the City of Green Bay. It is our way to support not only those who will serve our country on board the USS Green Bay, but all those Servicemen and Women, past and present, who have pledged to protect what we hold so dear here at home.

Press Conference

Press ConferenceGreen Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt announced the official schedule of events which will take place at the commissioning of the City's namesake ship on January 24th in Long Beach California. An array of items to be placed on board ship were displayed for public viewing and included replica Packers Super Bowl trophies, city street signs to be placed in the hallways of the ship, a large mural and photo displays depicting what Green Bay is all about. These items are meant to connect the ship and its sailors to their new "hometown".

You can see all the photo displays sent to the ship. These are in PDF form.