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Green Bay History
1920's Fashions 1920's Fashion
First team president, Andrew B. Turnbull Birth of the Packers: Andrew B. Turnbull's leadership helped the fledgling Packers grow from a town team to a pro football power.

The team's first president from 1923-'27, Turnbull was the business manager of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. He understood the importance of supporting the city's fledgeling football team. He sought professionals to gain community support and financial backing for the team.

Those men, called the "Hungry Five," included grocer Lee Joannes, Dr. W. Webber Kelly, Curly Lambeau, attorney Jerry Clifford and Turnbull, laid the foundation for the modern Packer corporate structure. They supported Turnbull's 1923 stock drive and also set up the Packers as a non-profit corporation.

Hotel Northland 1924
March 20, 1924

Green Bay Press-Gazette front page announces the grand opening of the new $1,000,000 Hotel Northland in downtown Green Bay. The newspaper announced that people entering the new hotel "will doubtless realize that they are entering what is termed by men who ought to know the finest hotel in Wisconsin, outside of Milwaukee; largest, most modern in appointments and most sumptuously furnished". The Hotel Northland opened on Friday, March 21. Dinner dances were featured, a special train from Milwaukee brought a hundred guests for the Saturday night dance.
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Green Bay Box Company

Green Bay Box Company was founded in 1926 during the beginning of the wooden box industry. Green Bay Box developed into on of the largest manufacturers of corrugated boxes. An additional subsidiary, Green Bay Paper & Pulp, was founded in 1950. In the 2000’s, the combined companies became Green Bay Packaging and is one of the community’s largest locally owned companies.

1930's Fashions 1930's Fashions
Because of the depression and its problems, Mayor Diener battled steadfastly to keep the city's credit sound and its tax rate down. Despite the tremendous increase in relief cost, together with decreased tax returns, it was his boast that Green Bay employees had never missed a payday, and when the city did borrow, it was a "preferred customer," a preference reflected in the low interest rates obtained.
Tercentennial Celebration

Tercentennial Celebration of Jean Nicolet’s landing. On August 9, 1934, President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered a major address at Bay Beach Park. Nearly 100,000 people saw and heard the President during his whirlwind visit to the area. (The population of Brown County was 37,415 in 1930).

The trolley service was replaced with a fleet of 12 buses operated by Wisconsin Public Service Corporation. The last night of trolley service ended much the way it began, including a parade, marching band and even an anointed Queen of Transportation. The party ended with a funeral trolley, fired by St. Norbert College's ROTC squad. Then the new buses were christened. That evening trolley rides were free to all. The City of Green Bay took over bus service from Wisconsin Public Service Corporation in 1973. Today, Green Bay Metro travels over 1,300,000 miles each year.
The City was shocked to find out Mayor Farrell had shot himself in his City Hall office.
1940's Fashions 1940's Fashions


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