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Winford Abrams

Winford Abrams
Mayor Winford Abrams
1908 - 1916

Winford Abrams was born in Green Bay on January 20,1868. His parents were W.J. and Henrietta (Taylor) Abrams. He acquired his primary education in the public schools supplemented by a course at the Green Bay Business College. After leaving the business college, he accepted a position with the American Express company, receiving $30.00 a month and often working 18 hour days. He held this position for six months when he became floor hand and later shipping clerk for the Joannes Grocery company, with whom he remained for three years.

Winford's next position was as tie and timber buyer for the Kewaunee, Green Bay & Western Railway Co., in which capacity he continued during the construction of the line. After its completion, he became fireman and later locomotive engineer, in which capacity he served form 1894 to 1900.

Mr. Abrams' public career began in 1902 when he was elected to the Green Bay City Council and was made a member of the Finance Committee in the same year. He served as alderman for six years. In 1903 he was appointed Chairman of the Finance Committee and so remained until his election as mayor.

In 1904, Mr. Abrams was selected by the City Council as its President under Mayor R. E. Minahan. In 1908, he was chosen chief executive of Green Bay. Mr. Abrams bore the distinction of being the youngest man ever elected to the office and served at the head of the city government longer than any other mayor of his time. He was in office continually until 1916 and following the adoption of the commission form of government was elected in 1918 as Vice Mayor under Mayor Elmer S. Hall.

1912 Adams Street

1916 Green Bay

Top photo: Adams Street 1912

Bottom photo: Birds eye view of downtown Green Bay in 1916. This photo was taken from the copula of the "new" courthouse looking north at the old courthouse and the bay.

Neville Public Museum of Brown County


With the resignation of Mr. Hall who became Secretary of State in January, 1921, Mr. Abrams was again placed at the helm and served in the capacity of the city's chief executive until the election of Mayor Wenzel Wiesner in April 1921.

Mr. Abrams was married in Green Bay on June 5, 1891, to Miss Ottilia Rhode, daughter of Dr. Henry and Eva M. Rhode. Winford and Ottilia had one daughter, Henrietta. They lived at 575 South Quincy Street.

Mr. Abrams died September 13, 1921. He suffered from a complication of heart trouble and Bright's disease and is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery.