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E. H. Ellis
(1826 -1906)

Mayor E. H. Ellis
Mayor E.H. Ellis

Eleazor Holmes Ellis was born in the Town of Preble on his father's farm on August 26, 1826. His father was A. G. Ellis, a farmer and the founder of the first newpaper published in Wisconsin, The Green Bay Intelligencer, published December 11, 1833 to June 1, 1836.

In the days when law schools were not known, he entered the office of Henry S. Baird and pursued his studies. Upon reaching the age of 21, he was admitted to the bar and immediately began his brilliant career. His examination was conducted in a room of the Washington House, which was located at the northern extremity of Washington Street, then a long sandy thoroughfare with low wooden building dotted at regular intervals, their contents smacking more of the fur trader's outposts than the average village store.

For two and a half years he practiced in Manitowoc, and then returned to Green Bay. His legal practice soon became widespread, not alone in his own town but throughout Wisconsin.

Baird Law Office

Baird Law Office, 1836. It was located on Main Street near Monroe Avenue. It is now preserved and on display at Heritage Hill State Park in Green Bay.
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Neville Public Museum of Brown County

In 1872, he was elected circuit judge of the tenth judicial district and held that office until 1879, when he tendered his resignation to again take up the pratice of law, believing that greater financial remuneration was to be found there. His first partner was William H. Norris, and when Mr. Norris moved to Minneapolis, Mr. Ellis and G. G. Greene formed a partnership and later on Judge Ellis entered into partnership with S. D. Hastings, Sr., W. J. Green and H. J. Fenbee.

He was twice a candidate for a seat on the supreme court bench, once in 1866 and again in 1891.

Eleazor was married three times. His first wife was Harriet Sovina Gilbert. They were married at Christ Church, Green Bay, on February 26, 1850. They had two sons, Albert Gallatin ( April 6, 1851-March 2, 1888) and Gilbert (October 9, 1852-August 30,1860). Harriet died August 26, 1854 in Green Bay at age 23.

He then married Eliza D. Chappel on May 19, 1858 in Rockford, Illinois. This union brought seven children: Virginia (October 29, 1859-April 19, 1865), Ruth (September 24, 1861-February 11, 1905), Frank Holmes (October 15, 1863-September 17, 1884), Grace (November 12, 1865-March 12, 1886), Frederick Wolcott (August 3, 1867-August 10, 1867), Jenny May (July 28, 1871), and James Wolcott (July 14, 1874-August 2, 1952). Eliza died on November 27, 1878 in Green Bay at age 40.

Washington House

Washington House 1862, later became the Beaumont Hotel.
Neville Public Museum of Brown County

Eleazor then married Ruth K. Gillette on April 25, 1881, in Detroit, Michigan. This marriage brought no children.

E. H. Ellis was Mayor of Green Bay in 1860, and was also postmaster from January 19, 1896 to April 1, 1900, alderman, and register of deeds of Brown County.

He died at age 80 at his home of old age and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery.