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Frederick S. Ellis
(1830 -1880)

Mayor F.S. Ellis
Mayor F. S. Ellis

Frederick S. Ellis was the third son of General A. G. Ellis, born in Green Bay on January 17, 1830. He became a surveyor and later an insurance agent. In 1861, 1862 and 1863, he represented his district in the Assembly, and in 1864-65, he served a term in the Senate. He was Chairman of the Brown County Board of Supervisors for several years and in 1876 was elected Mayor of Green Bay.

In the fall of 1876, he was elected county treasurer, and when money reverses overtook him, he offered to shield his friends from loss, so far as he could, by turning over to them every item of his personal property, even his household furniture and a life insurance policy of $2,000. They however, respected him so much that they chose to share the burden themselves rather than accept his sacrifice.

Frederick S. Ellis died in Green Bay at age 50 on June 6, 1880.

1876 Lumbering

View of Green Bay in 1876 when Frederick S. Ellis was mayor. Lumbering was still a successful enterprise at this time.
Neville Public Museum of Brown County


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